Are You A Candidate for Wearing Clear Aligners? 

Have you been contemplating if you should undergo orthodontic treatment in order to achieve that straight smile but are unsure of your suitability? In order to ascertain if you would be a good candidate for Clear Aligners, you may compare your current condition to the different conditions below.

These are commonly treated conditions with the use of clear aligners.

Crossbite its name suggests is when a single tooth or a group of upper teeth bites on the inside of the lower jaw. It may resemble an interweave of teeth.

Crowded Teeth & or Crooked Teeth
When there is insufficient space, it is highly likely for your teeth to appear angled, twisted rotated or even overlap each other. In some cases, your teeth erupt and grow in a different direction hence causing crooked teeth. Clear aligners would help to realign your teeth into a straighter position.

Contrary to crowded teeth, this is when you have excess space and cause your teeth to look separated from each other. The aligners would help in drawing your teeth tighter together, closing up the gaps and giving you a dazzling smile.

Open Bite
As the name suggests, there is an opening in the front of your teeth when biting down. It occurs when your upper and lower front teeth slant outwards and do not touch.

When your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth

When your lower teeth exceed your upper teeth.

If you have any of the above conditions, you are likely suitable for Clear Aligners. Nevertheless, each case would be determined individually. Consult with us and get your free pre-assessment to find out if you are eligible for Dr Clear Aligners.

You’ll be smiling that bright straight smile in no time.

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