How To Clean Retainers Properly

There are many similarities in caring for your retainers just to how you would care for your aligners. Let us run through them below:

Keeping your retainers clean

It is important to keep your retainers clean in order to maintain healthy oral hygiene. Just like you wouldn’t put a dirty object in your mouth, you wouldn’t want to put a dirty retainer in yours. The basics of cleaning your retainers are to rinse them out each time you remove them from your mouth. It is best to rinse it as soon as you remove it from your mouth before it dries. This makes it easier to clean any saliva and debris before it hardens.

Clean your aligners with Dr Clear Aligner's Cleaning Tablets. Soak them with Dr Clear Aligners Cleaning Tablets for at least 10 to 15 mins a day. It will remove stains and maintain the aligner's transparency and cleanliness. Rinse them thoroughly before putting them back on.

OR brushing them gently with a soft-bristled brush (not your personal toothbrush), you may choose to use a clear, liquid anti-bacterial soap but water would suffice. Do take note to be extra careful when using toothpaste as it may cause scratches or even discolouration.

What should I do when I am not wearing them?

When you are not wearing your retainers, store them in a case to keep them from getting dirty or scratched. Ensure that your retainers are cleaned thoroughly before putting them in their containers, dirty retainers in an enclosed space create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Always air dry your retainers or put them in a container with sufficient airflow after you have cleansed them as a moist environment allows for the growth of mould and bacteria. Never leave your retainers out in direct sunlight or close to a heat source as the heat may cause the plastic to melt or warp. Store them properly in their designated cases. This would also prevent your retainers from being damaged by pets if you have any.

It may sound silly but keeping your retainers in a container also helps in not losing them. Many times, people wrap their retainers in napkins and end up throwing them out by mistake.

Last but not least, remember to clean your retainer cases as well. Even if you clean your retainers each time before you store them, bacteria may have accumulated in the case without you knowing. By practising good hygiene, you can maintain or even extend your retainer’s life, saving you money in the long run. It would also be beneficial to your oral hygiene and help you keep that beautiful smile you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Not what you’re looking for? We have also covered how to care for your aligners.

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