Benefits of Invisible Braces & Clear Aligners

Benefits of aligners

Traditionally braces have been the preferred method for orthodontic treatment. With recent advancements in technology, many providers now offer clear aligners as an alternative form of treatment. Clear aligners are made from BPA-free plastic and they are essentially transparent replicas of your teeth made to fit over your own making them far more aesthetically pleasing than traditional braces which are affixed to your teeth.

An improvement in the looks is not the only benefit clear aligners provide you, take a look below for more reasons why you should choose aligners as your preferred orthodontic treatment.


The most common drawback of traditional braces is their permanence of them. Throughout the course of your treatment, your braces are affixed to your teeth with no hopes of removing them until the entire treatment is completed. Whereas with clear aligners, they are removable at any given time. You can remove them for meals, to brush and even for social occasions when you wish to, all without impeding the progress of your treatment. As long as you are responsible for wearing them as prescribed.

Not to mention, you would no longer have to sit and wait at the dental office for your checkups. Clear aligners remove the need for you to check back in with your dentist monthly as your progress is tracked right from the comfort and convenience of your home.


Just imagine having metal in your mouth throughout the day and having no reprieve from them. More often than not, the brackets and wires cause discomfort as they irritate your mouth tissue. There would be cuts and ulcers caused by the braces and in severe cases, affecting your speech and diet.

When fitted with braces, you only visit your dentist once a month to do further readjustments, whereas, with clear aligners, your adjustments are made twice a month with two different sets of aligners. With the increased frequency, the amount of pressure being applied is less strenuous and painful for you.


Ever seen your friends with braces struggling after a meal? Braces aren’t exactly on friendly terms with food as they often get stuck in them. Aligners would allow for easier brushing and flossing as compared to braces since they are removable. You could also get into the nitty-gritty areas unlike with braces. Plus, your food won’t be stuck in your aligners since they have to be removed before consuming any items other than water.


The most basic of all braces – metal is considered to be the cheapest amongst the variety of braces available. Even then, a basic treatment will see you forking out anywhere from $3000 to $4300. Other forms of braces which are less visible would cost you anywhere upwards of $5000. However, with clear aligners, the treatment cost starts at $2000 and goes upwards depending on the provider you choose.

With the benefits laid out for your consideration, you can now make an informed choice regarding your orthodontic treatment.

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