How Long Do Invisible Braces Take To Work

It is a common conception that orthodontic treatment takes a long time. At the very least a year in fact. We have the notion that orthodontic treatment = braces, and that it would be a painful & cumbersome journey.

However, as technology kept improving, so did the methods of orthodontic treatments. More and more, people are learning about Clear Aligners and their ability to help you transform your smile. Orthodontic treatment went from expensive and inconvenient to affordable and accessible.

What was once a long and arduous journey is now a much simpler and streamlined process. On average, many people achieve a new smile in 6-9 months with us. With the advancement of technology, your treatment can be predicted and designed specifically for you before anything is even done to your teeth.

Customers who come to DCA will get a treatment plan specifically designed for them as orthodontic treatment naturally should. A customised treatment that shifts your teeth in a predictable manner to achieve your ideal smile.

That being said, the treatment period is highly dependent on your teeth' conditions. Just as it is customised to you, so is the period time. Different patients may have different treatment times based on the complexity of the case and the goals which each individual is trying to achieve.

The best part about starting your smile journey with Dr Clear Aligners is the treatment plan we present to you. Customers who are keen to embark on their smile transformation with DCA will receive a treatment plan that includes a video that not only showcases how your teeth would shift but also the info on your estimated time in completing the whole treatment after they’ve completed a scan with us.

So how long does it take to straighten your teeth with clear aligners?

Contact us now and we can find out with you.

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