Guide on How to Wear & Remove Aligners


Step 1: Determine which set of aligners are to be worn

When you receive your package in the mail, there would be multiple sets of aligners in the box alongside an instruction manual.

Each step of your aligners is individually packed and labelled clearly for your convenience.

Wear your aligners sequentially.

Step 2: Fitting of the aligners

Once you have located the right pair of aligners, gently set them atop your teeth and push lightly to affix them from the front of your teeth.

Using your fingertips, work your way backwards and apply even pressure to push the rest of the aligner into place.

You should feel it click into place.

It’s perfectly normal for a new set of aligners to feel tight and it may require more effort to push them into place initially, it will be easier to fit subsequently as you move along the days until the next set and the cycle repeats.

Step 3: Securing the aligners

Use your chewies and bite down on them to further secure the aligners on your teeth.

Take note not to bite the aligners atop each other as the pressure may crack the aligners.

Bite on your chewies for approximately a minute, starting at the back and moving your way forward.

This helps to eliminate any air gaps between your teeth and the aligners, securing them into place to ensure your teeth are moved effectively.


Step 1: From the Molars (Back)

Making use of either your fingertips or the aligner removal tool, apply force on the inside of the molars to retract the aligners.

You should feel your aligners lifting off from your teeth.

Remove both left and right sides before moving on.

Step 2: Move forward

Take note not to remove the aligners from side to side as it may cause breakage.

Once the back of the aligners has been lifted from your teeth, move your way forward to the front of your teeth to remove the aligners.

If you started on a new set and find difficulty in removing the aligners, be patient and attempt slowly.

Do not remove the aligners forcefully in order to prevent damaging them.

Step 3: Cleaning

Always clean your aligners when you have removed them.

Rinse them with running water before storing them in their containers.

Storing your aligners before cleaning them may result in your saliva drying on them and bacteria may accumulate.

Another good reason to store them in their containers is so you don’t lose or damage them by accident.

To better clean your aligners, check out “How to care for your aligners”.

Also, do remember to brush your teeth and rinse before wearing your aligners.

Make it a habit to practice good oral hygiene and Smile that beautiful smile of yours.