Are Clear Aligners Suitable For Teens

The answer is, totally yes. As long as their teeth have developed to an appropriate stage, the treatment is just as safe and as effective as it is for adults. That being said, aligners treatment requires care, responsibility and discipline. However, aligners need anchors, and molars help to fill that role. If your child's molars have yet to come in, you might need to wait.

When it comes to children wearing aligners, parents might need to keep track of that. Pre-teens, tend to not have the same discipline as adults in wearing their aligners. They might remove their aligners when unsupervised due to discomfort or any number of reasons. The removal of your aligners for purposes other than eating and brushing will cause the overall progress to be affected as aligners work best with continuous wear. Teens may also not take care of their oral hygiene as well as required, simple things like flossing may not be something they are used to.

Furthermore, teens may break their aligners when they mishandle them, and absentminded teens may lose their trays or accidentally throw them away. Adults must be sure to explain how important the trays are and keep their children on track with treatment. But children or teens who struggle with this may need a different approach.

That being said, a major advantage to aligners is the freedom to do most, if not all activities. Teens tend to be active and their schools may require them to participate in sports. With aligners, there is no need to worry about heavy contact sports as they don't hurt you as much as braces might. Also, the greatest advantage of aligners is the aesthetics. Your child would not have to fear being taunted while undergoing orthodontic treatment and they can even flex about it.

In any case, be it an adult or a pre-teen, consult with us to find out your suitability for clear aligners.

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