Oral Health Care Pyramid – How to take care of your Oral Health

In recent years,  researchers have discovered a connection between declining oral health and underlying systemic conditions. It turns out that a healthy mouth can help you maintain a healthy body. Not only does poor oral and dental health affect your teeth and body, it can also contribute to issues with your self-esteem, speech, or nutrition.

Look to our pyramid for how you should take care of your oral health.

Let’s touch on the above points. Brushing our teeth twice daily has been taught to us since childhood. You would think we all know how to brush our teeth, however many have the misconception that brushing more/harder = better. That is not necessarily true given that excessive brushing may cause your gums to recede. Another way to ensure you aren’t actually doing more harm than good while brushing is to use a soft bristle brush. Tilt it at a 45-degree angle and brush with moderate pressure.

Flossing helps to remove any debris that may be stuck between your teeth while brushing removes particles from your mouth. It is recommended to floss and then brush. And to top it all off, using mouthwash removes the bacteria, covering the areas where brushing and flossing couldn’t.

The most important of all would probably be visiting a dentist twice yearly. A session with your oral healthcare provider will ensure everything is in tip-top condition and put your mind at ease. Other than conducting a thorough cleaning, they can also help diagnose any problems you may have and treat them early before any complications occur.

What does diet have to do with oral health? Sugar when combined with saliva and bacteria in our mouth leads to a plaque on teeth. Plaque in turn can dissolve enamel which leads to cavities and tooth decay in the long run. Furthermore, eating a balanced diet would ensure your body, bones, teeth and gums receive the nutrients it needs to renew tissues and help fight infection and diseases such as periodontal (gum) disease.

Remember, it is harder to cure than to prevent. Start caring for your oral health now.

Smile on!

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