Type of Braces and Prices

We’ve briefly discussed the prices of braces in “Benefits of Aligners”. Here we explore more of the types of braces offered and their prices.

Metal Braces
$3500 - $7000

Ceramic Braces
$4300 - $6000

Self Litigating Braces
$4500 - $7000

Lingual Braces
$6000 - $11,000

$3000 - $10,000

Other Clear Aligners Providers
$2400 - $3000
The most common braces which are fitted would be metal and ceramic braces gave their relatively affordable prices amongst the variety of traditional braces.

However, with technological advancements in recent years, consumers now have more options when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Increasingly popular are clear aligners which treat mild to moderate cases.

Invisalign used to be the only provider of clear aligners but it is no longer the case. There are now other providers offering clear aligners at a much more competitive rate.

Consumers often go for clear aligners as they are aesthetically pleasing compared to traditional braces. Clear aligners also offer more comfort (less abrasive towards your gums, cheeks and lips) and a shorter treatment time.

Want a smooth sailing and affordable treatment?

Go with clear aligners and achieve your new smile in no time.

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