Wisdom Teeth: To go or not to go

A common misconception when it comes to wisdom teeth is that they have to be removed. We have all seen videos of people online after their wisdom teeth extraction speaking incoherently and having a laugh at them or with them. Friends would tell us they got their wisdom teeth extracted, some people do it and claim they have a slimmer jaw. So what is it?

First of all, wisdom teeth are your 3rd molars. They grow right at the back of your jaw and do not serve any actual useful functioning purpose. In fact, many adults have their wisdom teeth missing entirely.

So why then do some require wisdom teeth removal in order to wear clear aligners? Is it necessary to remove them? The short answer is, that it depends. More often than not, your wisdom teeth do not interfere with your treatment. In fact, it actually does not interfere much with anything unless there is a condition that requires it to be removed. There are many factors to consider when it comes to whether or not you should remove your wisdom teeth.

So when should I remove my wisdom teeth if at all?

Only remove them when absolutely necessary and even then with careful planning. Do so when your dentist believes you require extraction due to medical reasons. Here are some common reasons which may result in the need for extraction:

  1. Food is trapped due to the area of growth leading to infections
  2. A wisdom tooth has decay in it or the position of it causes the tooth in front of it to have decay due to food trapping
  3. A wisdom tooth has an infection/cyst

During your regular dental checkup, your dentist will be able to advise you on the necessity of a wisdom tooth extraction.

In summary, a wisdom tooth will not affect orthodontic treatment and you should only have them removed when absolutely necessary. Furthermore, here at Dr Clear Aligners, we conduct a thorough scan of your teeth before beginning treatment for anyone and even then, it is only after your scans have been examined before you can move on to custom make your very own clear aligners.

Smile with us today at Dr Clear Aligners.

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