Can Invisible Braces Work with Dental Implants

What do clear aligners have to do with dental implants? How do they work together? Are there any benefits to using them together?

Dental implants are permanent restorations that replace missing teeth – they look, feel and perform like natural teeth.

Dr Clear Aligners is an invisible clear aligner system that straightens your teeth just like braces but without the metal wires and brackets.

“If I’ve got an implant, am I still eligible to wear an aligner?” 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

In most cases, it is recommended to have aligners fitted prior to your dental implant treatment so your natural teeth position themselves accordingly in their final position. This is due to the fact that an implant cannot move like a natural tooth once it has been implanted. The implant is infused into the jawbone where your natural teeth grow and position themselves.

As a result, when applying clear aligners with implants fitted, it is more likely that your natural teeth will move but your implant will stay in the same position as it is attached and fixed to the bone. Applying clear aligners with a fitted implant will have no adverse effect on your natural teeth.

How do they work together?

An implant won’t affect your ability to receive aligners treatment – only in certain cases where the teeth surrounding the implant are not designed for orthodontic treatment. If your implant is being placed at the back of your mouth, you can proceed with the implant before the aligners treatment.

As we age, our teeth tend to crowd more towards the front. This implies that the non-movable implant may begin to appear out of place over time. If an implant is positioned appropriately compared to the other teeth, aligners can be used to move the teeth around it.

If your implant is not in the ideal position, it will look out of place once the rest of your teeth are aligned. In that case, you either can elect to have a slightly less than perfect smile, or to remove the implant, receive the orthodontic treatment, and replace the implant after the aligners are removed.

If you’re seeking dental implants and aligners treatment together, you must consult with both your dentist and orthodontist that you’re considering implant treatment. Generally, you will be advised to go through the orthodontic treatment first, then only the dentist will apply the fitted implant in a more inner position, allowing your natural teeth to adjust to the positioning of your implant when wearing clear aligners. Your implant and natural teeth will then become adjacent to each other to show off a straight and shiny smile.

It is recommended that you seek advice from both the dentist and orthodontist as to what you’re looking for, so they can tailor treatment needs for you.

Dr Clear Aligners is prepared to ensure you complete the clear aligners treatment with the happiest and brightest smile. Take your smile assessment today and contact us now to find your best smile.

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